Bang and Olufsen | BEOVISION 14 | 40”


Ultimate Flexibility

BeoVision 14 brings you total freedom in terms of placement options.

Choose from:

A floor stand:

Place it on the motorised floor stand and the television will come to life and gently turn towards you, giving you unparalleled convenience wherever you’re seated.

An easel stand:

The floor easel puts the TV in a fixed, casual leaned back position – as an integral part of your home and almost functioning like a piece of furniture.

On the wall:

The wall bracket positions BeoVision 14 on your wall like an impressive artwork – and not the overpowering kind, but one that gracefully aligns with your home décor.




BeoVision 14 is a 4K Ultra HD LED TV featuring a world of connectivity options, integrated access to all your exciting apps and boasting a bigger and more immersive sound than most standalone speaker systems.  It is much more than a TV. It is a focal point for all your entertainment

The oak wood lamellas on the front of BeoVision 14 TV create a warm organic contrast to the cool antireflection glass panel and the sleek aluminium frame that encloses all sounds and visions with clean precision.

The iconic square shape that ties everything together is typical Bang & Olufsen – designed to complement your home while still leaving a lasting mark.

And, once you power on the TV it transforms into a vibrant and magnetic canvas that pulls you towards it, right into the action.  

The exchangeable speaker cover lets you customise the appearance of BeoVision 14 to perfectly suit your preferences.

It is under the hood you will find the raw beauty of BeoVision 14: A fully active, three-way speaker set with an impactful bass unit that delivers acoustic power and accuracy like no other television has done before.  

Prepare for an experience that will truly engulf you and discover why we say that sound is half the picture.

Our pre-set sound modes have been custom tuned to perfectly match the different entertainment genres.

Using the Film Mode you will experience a larger sound stage with more bass response, and when you are on the Night Listening Mode the audio is tweaked to avoid disturbing those around you.  

Whatever you fancy there is an option for it – or the ability to carefully create your own personal settings.

If you are after an even more immersive sound experience, BeoVision 14 easily lets you connect extra speakers, wired or wireless.

The Bang & Olufsen TrueImage technology will seamlessly mix your audio to match your individual speaker setup.

BeoVision 14 is powered by the ever evolving Android TV™ platform.

The software provides fast and easy access to an endless amount of Internet-based content.

On top of that you can access all of the other exciting applications you have come to rely on for entertainment, news and gaming.  

The integrated Google Cast technology lets you share movies, photos and music straight from your mobile phone or tablet to your BeoVision 14 at the touch of a single button.

The greatest thing: As the Android TV software evolves so does your TV, giving you more and more entertainment offers, increased functionalities and plenty of magic moments.

The sheer magnitude and finesse of the BeoVision 14 speaker set allows you to use it as a music system too.

The access to Deezer, Spotify and TuneIn Radio gives you millions of songs and thousands of Internet radio stations right there from your screen.

Anti-Reflection Coated Front Glass


BeoVision 14 includes anti-reflection coated front glass.

The coating is added on both sides of the glass in order to give an optimal viewing experience even under challenging conditions like bright daylight.

The Automatic Picture Control senses the level of incident light and dynamically alters the picture adjustments accordingly, so picture quality is maintained both day and night.

BeoVision 14 is designed to automatically provide the optimal picture experience in any given situation.

But sometimes you may want to take matters into your own hand.

Choose a specific picture setting such as Film Mode, when you are looking for that particular colour temperature the film director intended you to see.

Or pick the Game Mode where the input-to-output delay is reduced to a minimum making sure you get an immersive image response when playing your favourite games.

The pleated wooden lamellas on the speaker cover are made out of oak wood.

They are only between 3 and 6 millimetres thick, and creating something this thin requires absolute perfection and concentration.

It is a construction that stretches the physical limits of the material and only the best, flawless oak is good enough.

Knots and growth rings are not allowed when you are producing at the width of a matchstick.

The sleek aluminium frame that elegantly embraces all sounds and images is only a few centimetres wide.

The aluminium is surface treated and slightly angled in an attempt to get the maximum amount of glass surface on the screen.

The aluminium is shined in a mechanical polishing process and then anodised.

The front of the aluminium profile almost merges with the glass surface while the back reflects the colour of the wall.

The front glass is anti-reflection coated on both sides, so you can enjoy your TV even in bright sun.

A slightly tinted foil has been integrated between the glass plates to create a uniform black surface – and to secure the glass from hurting anyone should it break.

One remote to control everything. It is here, and it gives you intuitive and easy access to all your Bang & Olufsen products as well as loads of other products like your cable TV box or BluRay player. 

Anyway you want:  

BeoRemote One Bluetooth works with both Bluetooth and IR commands, and because it is a two-way remote control it provides automatic synchronisation between your BeoVision 14 and your remote.

One-Touch Access:  

Four programmable MyButtons allows you to revisit your favourite TV channels or custom setups like the position of the stand or volume and settings with a single touch.  Controlling everything has never been simpler. Or more convenient.

Iconic Feel:  

BeoRemote One is crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminium and has a surprisingly slim feel to it. The solid, ergonomic design is so perfectly weighted you do not want to put it down again.

BeoVision 14 will integrate seamlessly with all the other Multiroom products from Bang & Olufsen.

You can use the speakers on your TV to listen to music or send the sound from the TV into another room.  

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Brass Tone/Black, Silver/Black


Motorised Floor Stand Silver, Motorised Floor Stand Black, Motorised Wall Bracket Silver, Fixed Wall Bracket Silver, Easel Black, Easel Brass Tone