Bang and Olufsen | BEOVISION AVANT | 55”


Intelligent Placement

The distinctive beauty in the movement of BeoVision Avant is the culmination of 90 years of fearless design and technological innovation.  

BeoVision Avant can be placed in 3 positions for optimal viewing:

On the floor:

The floor stand gives BeoVision Avant incredible flexibility, allowing it to gracefully pivot up to 90 degrees from the wall in order to reach its optimal viewing angle.

On the table (only available for 55″):

The table stand slightly tilts the BeoVision Avant 55” back, leaving the screen floating above the table and hiding the stand from the eye.

The TV comes to life by lifting it to an upright position, allowing the speakers below the screen to unfold.

On the wall:  

BeoVision Avant mounts elegantly on the wall and, despite its size, pivots serenely from its starting position.

The 55” has a pivoting range of up to 60 degrees from the wall, and the larger 75” and 85” versions pivot as much as 19 degrees from its outset.




BeoVision Avant is a state-of-the-art TV featuring Ultra-High Definition (4K) images, a powerful 3-channel speaker system and total flexibility in terms of placement options.

BeoVision Avant is a celebration of movement.

An unforgettable fusion of Ultra High-Definition (4K) picture and iconic Bang & Olufsen sound, that unfolds before your very eyes.  

BeoVision Avant redefines the audio impact a TV can deliver.

The 3-channel speaker system harnesses three dedicated tweeters, three midrange units and two powerful bass drivers.

The result is a combination of clarity and power that truly embodies Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to ultimate sound.


BeoVision Avant lets you configure multiple speakers to custom tailor the sound, depending on the room and listening position.

You can further optimize and refine these individual sound zones using a dedicated microphone.  

The dedicated center speaker sits directly below the screen, enhancing the connection between you and the actors with exceptional clarity of speech.

You will hear even the smallest details in the dialogue and nuances in the soundscape – allowing you to become fully immersed in the story.

Whether you are listening to integrated music services such as Spotify or Deezer, or accessing countless internet radio stations, you can now enjoy all your favourite tunes in one place – a liberating solution with iconic Bang & Olufsen acoustic performance.

Experience extreme sports or action footage with crystal sharp, dynamic precision.

The Ultra High-Definition screen combines local dimming across more than 8 million pixels, bringing out even the tiniest details of the action.

The Adaptive mode of BeoVision Avant constantly and automatically adjusts the picture, but you can also choose from dedicated settings that allow you to optimise your viewing experience for advanced gaming, watching your favourite film or projecting external media.

BeoVision Avant dampens disturbing screen reflections by more than 98% by using a high-grade anti-reflection coating on the front and rear surfaces of the flawless, dual-layer reinforced glass.

A primary sensor evaluates the intensity of light in front of BeoVision Avant, and a secondary sensor measures lighting and hue behind the screen.

Using this collective data, BeoVision Avant constantly adjusts the white balance to deliver incredible visual impact, with colour-saturated, vivid imagery.

Control your BeoVision Avant with BeoRemote One

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Black, Brass, Silver


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