Bang and Olufsen | BEOVISION HORIZON | 40”


Your Choice of Style

An extensive number of placement options combined with an unobtrusive design profile gives you total control when it comes to your preferences:

You can place your Horizon elegantly on display, or casually leaned back on the floor – or move it around as you please on the wheels.

Choose from:

The Wheel stand:  

There’s something very familiar about a TV on wheels.  They all used to have them back in the day, and we know all about it since our very first TV.

Produced in 1952 and nicknamed “The Wheelbarrow”, actually had wheels.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here; we’re simply applying them.

And that’s because they bring mobility – and support a flexible lifestyle.

The floor stand:

When placed in the floor stand BeoVision Horizon sits slightly tilted, 4 degrees backwards in order to provide the optimal viewing angle.

The stand moves in a full 360-degree circumference so you can face the screen from any position in the room.

The easel stand:

Use the easel stand to place BeoVision Horizon on the floor, or on low piece of furniture.

The 9-degree tilt creates a casual and unobtrusive appearance while ensuring you get a perfect view of what is unfolding on the screen.

The easel stand:

The wall bracket is quite simple really, but its designed in an ingenious way to make it more versatile than what else is out there.

When hinged in the center, BeoVision Horizon can be moved freely both left and right, and in two completely different movement patterns.

We call it advanced simplicity.




BeoVision Horizon is a modern SMART 4K UHD TV that gives you total flexibility in terms of placement options, a stellar and forceful sound experience, amazing picture quality automatically adjusted to content and light conditions – and integrated access to all your entertainment through the ever evolving Android TVTM platform.

Beovision Horizon is available in two sizes ranging from 40″ to 48″.

BeoVision Horizon is stripped of anything superfluous.

It brings you only the essentials – and it’s that uncompromising minimalism that makes it blend in and complement any interior, or stand out in prominence if that is your wish.

Different viewing experiences call for different sound stages, and with BeoVision Horizon your sound experience is automatically tailored to what you’re watching.

So whether you’re catching the latest news program, playing a console game or immersing yourself in a suspense-filled movie, the sound will match – and complement.

Behind the conical and slightly angled speaker lamellas you will find two custom-built 2.5-inch drivers.

They are each powered by their own 30 Watts amplifier with enough power and finesse to bring your listening experience on par with the crystal clear imagery on the screen.

The sound is both crisp and clear – and with enough punch to lift your viewing experience to the next level.

BeoVision Horizon has a small light sensor that measures the lighting conditions in the room – and adjusts the light output of the screen accordingly.

Much like the human eye, really.

The result is a natural viewing experience that is both clear and easy on your eyes.

BeoVision Horizon is carefully crafted, almost sculpted, from raw aluminium. The sleek dark frame and speaker lamellas merge with ease, creating a steel object that beautifully complements its surroundings.  From the very first paper sketches the designer and the concept team were trying to create a more informal and casual approach to living with a television – or in reality the right expression is “a screen”.

It’s typical Danish in its expression; understated yet solid and with a minimalism that transcends time and trends.

It was actually nicknamed The Mirror, because it resembles a sheet of glass inside a distinct frame.

And also because it’s so discreet when turned off, that you can pass by it without even noticing.

Upon closer inspection you will discover all of BeoVision Horizon’s finer details; like the shadow and light effect between frame and lamellas, and how the screen almost disappears when viewed from the front but gains perspective and depth when viewed from the side.

The aluminium lamellas hover stylishly below the screen, tactfully covering the speakers behind them.

They are conical and slightly angled in order to provide the best possible acoustic performance.

The Automatic Picture Control senses the level of incident light and dynamically alters the picture adjustments accordingly, so picture quality is maintained both day and night.

BeoVision Horizon is powered by the ever evolving Android TV™ platform.

The software provides fast and easy access to an endless amount of Internet-based content via Google Play.

On top of that you can access all of the other exciting applications you have come to rely on for entertainment, news and gaming.

The integrated Google Cast technology lets you share movies, photos and music straight from your mobile phone or tablet to your BeoVision Horizon at the touch of a single button.

The greatest thing: As the Android TV software evolves so does your TV, giving you more and more entertainment offers, increased functionalities and plenty of magic moments.

Thanks to the built-in Wireless Power Link technology, you can easily connect your screen wirelessly to other Bang & Olufsen speakers in your home – and with no cables tying you down you are free to move your BeoVision Horizon around. So adding to and expanding the sound experience comes without any hassles.

The days of point and shoot remote controls are over.

Operating BeoVision Horizon is based entirely on Bluetooth® technology, which means that you no longer have to point your remote at a certain mark on your screen.

Once you press the button the command is carried out.


One-touch access:  

Four programmable MyButtons allows you to revisit your favourite TV channels, or custom setups like sound modes and image settings with a single touch.

Two-way convenience:  

BeoRemote One Bluetooth works with both Bluetooth and IR commands, and because it is a two-way remote control it provides automatic synchronisation between your BeoVision Horizon and your remote.

Iconic feel:  

BeoRemote One is crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminium and has a surprisingly slim feel to it.

The solid, ergonomic design is so perfectly weighted you won’t want to put it down again.

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Floor Stand, Wall Bracket, Easel Stand, Wheel Stand